Meet the 585 Girl Gang- Jane Rasweiler



Where is your hometown?

Summit, NJ

What are you studying?

Political Science & Global Public Health



Who is your fashion icon?

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez. If you haven’t seen the photo of her in a mint green pant suit and decked out Reeboks, stop what you are doing and look it up.

What is your go to coffee order?

Starbucks double shot on ice, sweet cream instead of milk.



What is your favorite jewelry and fashion trend right now?

I love the resurgence of pearls right now. I have a very classic style and I love that a great string of pearls is coming back into fashion. My favorite fashion trend right now has to be VOTE clothing. So many incredible brands and small businesses are coming out with clothing inspired by our civic duty and if I could buy every single piece, I would.

What does your dream career day look like?

  I want to be wearing an incredible pant suit (of course) and sitting on the floor of the House of Representatives (hopefully getting ready for a vote on a bill that I helped write)

What are your career goals?

I want to work in a local public health department and change the way this country views public health. And then I want to be Speaker of the House.

What was your favorite piece you wore in our shoot?

The Taylor necklace. I love a good ampersand and it is one of my life goals to be able to draw one perfectly.