How to Take Care of my 585 Pieces

585 pieces are designed to last and keep their golden luster for years to come, because they are real 14 karat gold. But you should always treat your pieces with kindness. Although gold is enduring and durable, it can be scratched or dented if it is treated harshly. Here are some tips to taking care of your pieces so they can continue to radiate their golden sheen.


Always take your pieces off before bed.

We all know how good it feels to get into bed after a long day at work or school and it can be even harder to get back up to take off your jewelry or your makeup. But we all know how important skincare is, especially to maintain that healthy glow. Treat your jewelry the same way you would your skin! Keep your jewelry boxes near your bed or near your bathroom so it reminds you to remove your 585 pieces.


            Don’t work out in your jewelry.

Pieces like rings and bracelets are especially susceptible to damage if worn when working out. Workouts like lifting are rough on your hands and will be even rougher on your rings. Keep your pieces safe from any injuries and store them in a jewelry box or cloth pouch during your gym session.