Meet the 585 Girl Gang- Cadina Palelei

Q: Where is your hometown?

A: It is hard to say because of crazy moving schedules, but it is a tie between Kansas City and Annapolis.

Q: Who is your fashion icon?

A: Zendaya or YouTube Tina Woods

Q: What is your favorite jewelry and fashion trend right now?

A: My absolute favorite jewelry and fashion trend is finding bold pieces and stacking or layering them to create an unforgettable, unique outfit.


Q: What inspires you?

A: My inspiration comes from an amazing woman, who just happens to be my big sister, Constance Anna Polamalu. I have witnessed her take such great strides in her career and create such a beautiful, positive atmosphere that is hard not to adore. From family to friends to travel Constance never fails to deliver her image and reputation with a powerful presence.

Q: What does your dream career day look like?

A: My dream career day would most definitely be in a pantsuit in my coffee cosmetics shop somewhere calm.


Q: Favorite piece that you got to wear in our photo shoot?

A: The Ristretto Hoops!!




Q: Favorite designer clothing brand ?

A: My favorite designer clothing brand I hope to own one day is probably Dior.