Meet the 585 Girl Gang- Liv Sheridan

Q: Where are you from?

A: Princeton, New Jersey


Q: What are you studying in college?

A: I am studying theatre and philosophy as my majors and I am about to declare a minor in women’s and gender studies!


Q: What are your career goals?

A: I’m going to take a year to pursue professional acting and after that, probably apply to law school to practice criminal defense.

Q: What is your favorite jewelry and fashion trend right now?

A: For jewelry, weathered pearls. I recently bought the peony hoops from the 585 Pearl Collection, I love them! For fashion, menswear. I have been dressing like a British school boy and really vibing with it.

Q: What does your dream career day look like?

A:  Wake up and toss on some comfy clothes, grab an iced matcha, and head off to a long day of rehearsal or a performance. Come home to my ladies and drink some white wine!


Q: Favorite piece that you got to wear in our photo shoot?

A:  The Affogato ring (which my girls ended up gifting me!!!!! <3)

Q: Favorite designer clothing brand ?

A: Chloé