Meet the 585 Girl Gang- Yasmeen Meek

Where is your hometown?

Annapolis, MD

What are you studying?

Economics & World Literature

What are your career goals?

I want to create my own venture firm that targets start ups founded by underrepresented founders, specifically women and BIPOC, and shows mainstream investors that these ventures are still equally (if not more) profitable!

 What inspires you?

My best friend Jailene has inspired me since the day I met her. Jailene is the most resilient and driven person that I know, and she pushes me to do the same. 

What is your favorite jewelry and fashion trend right now?

Chunky chains are definitely my favorite jewelry trend right now because I think they make such a statement, but at the same time they're easy to throw on with most outfits. Omg and my fav fashion trend right now has to be reworked blazer skirt suits, I think they're chic and edgy. 


What is your go to coffee order?

Any kind of tea, but preferably matcha.

Who is your fashion icon?

Amina Muaddi @aminamuaddi. Check her out she is fab.

What does your dream career day look like?

My dream day is me in my office as the CEO in either NYC, LA, or SF. I want to have a job that allows me to travel.