Holiday Look Book

The holiday season is one of my favorite times of year. What I love about it is getting to see all of my friends and family, and seeing Christmas lights line the streets. But of course what I love most of all is getting glam for every holiday party possible. This year, that’s obviously going to look a little bit different, but that doesn't have to stop us girl gang! We can still get dressed up, wear our jewels, and parade around our house or on Zoom, looking our very best. Oh, and don’t forget, take an absurd amount of pictures and post them on the gram (tag us;) ).  

With that being said, let’s get into some of my favorite holiday looks.

We all know Blair Waldorf runs Thanksgiving. This look is just perfection. From the colors, to the layers, to the various materials used to create this look, I love it all. The only thing that could do with some elevation is her jewelry, but I digress (I am obviously biased). The part of her look that speaks to me most are those tights. They’re unreal. When I was younger I hated tights cause I thought they were stupid, since moving to Boston my opinion has changed. I think they’re an easy way to take your look from bleh to chic in a second. Especially tights like Blairs that have a little extra something with their floral pattern. Overall 10/10 look that definitely stays in my mind any time I think of the ideal Thanksgiving look. 

I have a thing for sweater dresses. I think they’re the best way to look cute and cozy on Christmas but still be comfy. It is literally a dress that feels like a fluffy blanket. What could be better? In Cassie’s look she paired her dress with some black booties, which I also love. I think a good pair of black booties go with most anything, but this pairing of black and tan is especially key for the more looks. The only thing I would add to this look would be our *cough cough* Maldives Hoops. 

Rosie Huntington Whitely will forever be one of my favorite style icons. She is so sleek, and so glam. This look is nothing short of subtle excellence. Rosie’s silk dress falls perfectly and paired with the coziest looking white jacket she's taken her look from simple, to multi layered. All of the layering of long silk material, and various shades of cream and white take her look to a new level. I think diamonds speak for themselves, so the fact she carefully balanced a subtle fashion look with huge diamonds makes her a styling expert in my mind. Sometimes the jewelry needs room to speak for itself… am I right or am I right girl gang?