How to: Look Like a Professional

I want to preface this blog with an important disclaimer, there is no right or wrong way to style your jewelry for work; there is no jewelry too “big” or too “loud” for the professional environment. If you want to wear the biggest pair of hoops you have, or 4 carat studs, PLEASE do, I know you’ll be rocking it. 

This blog is just simply about what I love to wear in professional environments and is meant to give you all some tips and tricks. 

First things first, we are in Covid times, and that means lots and lots of mask wearing. So, instead of drawing attention to your mask, focus on your ears! Earrings are the perfect way to spice up any look, especially while we are unable to express emotion through our facial expressions. For the work environment, I have particularly been loving our St. Barts hoops because of their knife edge. They’re chic, but edgy at the same time. Another pair of earrings that I think are perfect for the work environment are our Ristretto hoops. These chain link hoops are detailed enough that they add a little sparkle to your look, but they are not at all overpowering. 


Bracelets are another way to add to a professional look and give yourself some added layers of fun. One of our best sellers, the Vrai bracelet, is the epitome of sticking an intricate balance between youthful and professional. The paper clip chain of the Vrai bracelet gives you some added bling and layers nicely with anything you already have in your collection, or anything else you have from 585.


The final piece of styling advice I can give you when it comes to the professional atmosphere is to layer on the necklaces, but pay close attention to the outfit you choose. If you're wearing a heavily detailed collar, maybe only layer one or two necklaces. Some of my favorite duos right now are the Charlie chain, and the Dixie necklace. If you’re wearing a basic blouse… I think layering on all your favorite necklaces is a must. 

Tag @585byzacharys in all of your professional look posts! We can not wait to see what you come up with.