How to Start Your Jewelry Collection

It only takes a few pieces for your jewelry box to start to really shine. I have collected some of my essential pieces - these pieces are staples that you can wear time and time again.



Hoops are essential in any size, shape, or texture. These earrings are pieces that can be styled to fit any look. The Flat White hoops are an absolute must-have for me. I can wear these everyday with any outfit. If these are too much hoop for you, the Isle hoops are a great size to mix it up. They can be worn in your first hole for a simple look or added in your second hoop to give your look a golden shimmer. Or even better, these hoops look great together. (;



A pendant necklace is the perfect start to finding how you want to style your layers. Pendants like the Dixie necklace or the Cappuccino necklace can be worn solo or stacked up for your very own neck mess look. I love a necklace that I can always wear, and this is a staple in my jewelry box. 



Rings are so trendy right now and it is so hard to know where to start. A statement ring may seem like a bold move, but it will quickly become an everyday signature. The French Roast ring easily creates a stacked look in a single ring and would look good on any finger.