How to style our Pearl Collection

We have been working on this collection from the beginning, and it is safe to say we are obsessed with it. Even when we were shooting our pearl collection, all of the 585 models were asking when it would drop. So here we are 585 Girl Gang, the Pearl Collection has finally arrived- and just in time to bring us the snowy white Christmas we have been dreaming of! 

I think every piece in this collection can be worn alone, they’re all stand out pieces, but I really think by pairing your pearl collection pieces together, you’re elevating your look to a new level. Here are some of my favorite wears to stack and layer our Pearl Collection. 

On the ear:

The Poppy drop earrings are my absolute favorite pair of pearl earrings we have, and they layer beautifully with our St. Barts hoops. If you have more piercings I would recommend layering on the dangly earrings. The beauty of the Poppy drop earrings is that they’re a twist on the classic pearl stud that isn’t too busy that it can’t be layered with other dangling earrings. I think our Peony hoops would be the perfect second hole pairing for people who LOVE pearls, double the pearls double the fun, duh. So there you have it, the first hole is the Poppy drop, second is the Peony hoops, and third are our St. Barts hoops. Wow. What a dream ear stack. 

On the neck:

The Lily necklace is a fan favorite for sure. This necklace is perfect for layering because it is such a classic style of tin cup that we all know and love, and this style is definitely making a come back. Honestly one of my personal favorite ways to wear this necklace is solo, but like I said before she can also be layered beautifully. Our Cappuccino necklace sits beautifully with the Lily and is also such a statement necklace that it really gives you a little bit of a bigger look. I would even go as far to say it reminds me of Chanel… Why do you say that Sophie?? Because people, there were pearls in their Fall 2019 show, and I so wish we could transport back to a lovely time like that. Okay, OKAY. I would also love to add the Bryce chain, just to make it even bigger.

Moving on….

On the wrist:

I keep saying these are my favorite pieces, cause they seriously alllll are, but this one really is. The Orchid bracelet is stunning, delicate, chic, and brings a classic feel to whatever else you got going on on the wrist. In my opinion it is best paired with our Cher and Vrai bracelets, and I would rock this trio every day of my life if I could.