Layering Jewels- Can There Really be too Many?

When I originally thought about this question, I thought, “Of course not!” You can never have enough diamonds/jewels/chains, but I think I’ve changed my mind. Oops. I’ve seen a lot of people attempt layering all sorts of jewelry—necklaces, bracelets, rings, whatever it is—but the ones that stands out to me the most, are the stack that have *gasp* less . . . maybe less is more! 

I know! Crazy.

When I say less, I don’t mean the physical number of pieces someone is wearing, but rather the size of the pieces. If the perfect stack were to exist, this is what it would consist of (in my humble opinion).  

On the neck stacking can be an intricate and complex balancing act, but once mastered, is a fabulous art. You want to make sure it screams “I’m FUN, but not too much, to the point of being over done”. My recipe for the perfect neck consists of one, yes ONE, chain. Choose a thin one, chunky one, whatever chain you’re loving today. But the key is choosing ONE. One of my favorite chains is our Americano chain, it’s tiny paper clip links lay perfectly with other necklaces. 

The next necklace I reach for is another subtle statement, a shorter necklace but with a twist. I have been loving our Sophie necklace (lol what a coincidence- I know) with a personalized script. This is a fun way to spice up any neck look, and of course it shows off your name, or any other important word/place/name in your life. This is what catches the eye and makes any look completely unique and original to you. 

Then we need some length in our stack. Personally, I don’t love anything over 16”-18” in my stack, because if any necklace is over that length, usually the stack can become too much and too overwhelming. This third necklace choice is also crucial for a few reasons: length, shape, and metal. I know I threw metal in there... but don’t worry I’ll explain! The shape of this particular necklace needs to play off of the two you have already chosen, for example I regularly reach for my dainty circle pendant engraved with an “S.” Or when I’m feeling fun, I’ll throw on my, also dainty, pendant with six tiny stones. But, the most critical aspect of this necklace choice, in my opinion, is the metal. Are you going to stay with yellow gold? (Like I usually do) Or is today the day you start rocking mixed metals? The third necklace leads your stack in two different directions—and guess what, you get to pick where it’s going. ;)

Now, you can stop there, if you want, but not going to lie, I may be basic, but I’m also a little extra. That being said, I generally go for a fourth necklace. The fourth necklace is the smallest, daintiest piece you have, and it should fall right under the choker, but above the chain. This necklace is particularly special to me because it is one super sentimental piece that I own that I wear on the daily—my Tiffany’s Atlas Collection

And that’s my recipe for the perfect necklace stack! However, one of the beauties of any art form, but especially jewelry, is that we all love different things! I know I said this is the perfect stack... because in my opinion it is! But if you rock four chains on the daily, more power to you, and I’m sure you pull it off. My favorite part about jewelry is that it is so personal, and we can all wear whatever we love and make it a statement. 

As for the ring stack, this is a much less complex game. I do not wear more than 3 rings on the daily, but that’s because I am much more so a necklace gal. But, that being said, I think I know a good ring game when I see one. My personal favorite ring stacks include eternity bands. Eternity bands make a huge impact on your look. Along with an eternity band, a plain and simple whisper thin band of any metal will add contrast to the rocks you have going on. Some of my favorites that we LOVE at 585 are the London ring, Beverly ring, and the LA ring. All of these pieces are simple gold bands, but together they can be stacked for the easiest, breeziest, classy everyday look. 

If you made it this far, and I still have your attention, I wanna make it clear that jewelry stacks are unique and personal to YOU. The key to any successful stack is really just loving what you choose and owning it. These “recipes” are only what I find to be perfect for myself, but I mean they’d look amazing on everyone and we should all wear them (duh). But really, choose what you love, and wear the fooook out of it.